Many seniors want to hold onto their memories of high school, and many of those memories are on the football field. This shoot had to be one of my favorites at capturing the poignancy and hopefully, many years from now, the nostalgia of Erin’s high school years, because this shoot captured a memory.

Erin is a Farmerete – a Fighting Farmer’s drill team member for her entire high school season. While we took the typical cap and gown pics, she mentionedwanted to get into her Farmerete uniform. I first encouraged her to stretch for a few minutes so we could could capture some of her famous high kicks and splits. That quickly got her rushing us out to the field, insisting I do a shoot at the 40 yard line. For the last for years, she’s danced 40 games as a Farmerete. And each moment means something to her. I’m just glad we got to capture these shots for her before she goes of to A&M and all the future holds.

Erin’s parents and I have been friends for the last 10 years so we enjoyed sharing funny stories we remembered. It’s moments like these that I really appreciate what I get to do, capture memories and stories so years later, a high school senior can look back and remember. We’re proud of you Erin!

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