Maggie and Tori from Coppell are friends who wanted Senior pictures together in this shoot. We chose In-N-Out both for the color and vibe, but also because we love the message they print on their cups (look for the tiny print on the bottom). It might be subtle, but sometimes the most subtle things make the biggest impressions. Also their burgers, fries and shakes are always on point.

In-N-Out provided a perfect background for a high contrast look. Both girls great ideas for that gram-worthy shot. The matching denim jackets was a nice touch. The hardest thing about this shoot was trying to get creative with angles to avoid the million people there while we where. Also, I had to try really hard not to eat the props. 

For this session I used my Cannon 35mm 1.4 L.




The facts talked about inside the report are a number of the ideal available.

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