Normally when I write these posts I try to tell the simple details of the shoot. This shoot, however, has a story. Emily and Braden are high school sweethearts who have been living out their long distance relationship between Chicago and Dallas for several years. They have a date set for October and are ready to announce the exciting news with great photos!

They wanted a rooftop Dallas shoot so after picking a great parking lot, we started shooting only to have someone ask us to leave only 5 minutes later. This could have been a disaster for the day (rooftops in Dallas aren’t easy to come by, people). Thankfully I was able to connect quickly with a doctor friend who has a downtown condo with a rooftop deck at her building. This twist landed us in a sweet spot for a sunrise shoot.

While I was also able to shoot some street level candids off Main Street, I think the rooftop shots are my favorite. They are also a great reminder that unexpected problems can bring unexpected joys too. Hopefully that will be a memory E & B can hold on onto as they start their journey into a lifetime of ups and downs and the unexpected moments of marriage.

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